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The RLS Challenge

The RLS Challenge

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STARTS: FRI morning when you wake up! Get excited!
ENDS: Sunday night when you go to sleep. (this never should end!)
RULES: You are only allowed to drink water! YES YOU CAN.
NO's: soda, diet soda, energy drinks, milk, coffee, teas, fruit drinks. ONLY clean water!
RULES: You must eat breakfast each day*. Get up early if you have to or make the breakfast the night before. You must have protein in the morning. Eggs are a great choice. If you want you can add a high quality protein shake in addition to the eggs, but without artificial sweeteners. (no Splenda or NutraSweet).
NO's: Breads, none. No white, wheat, white-wheat, whole grain, 40-grain, nothing. NO BREADS.
RULES: Eat 3 meals per day but *skip FRIDAY's breakfast if you had a large late meal on THURSDAY, for a little intermittent fasting. Try and make breakfast your largest meal of the 3, (but don't pig out or stuff yourself) and your dinner the smallest. Eat LEAN protein like chicken or fish and include vegetables with lunch and dinner. Grab some healthy nuts and snack on them between meals if you want.
NO's: very little fruits. Look at our chart below. Plenty of blue-berries are great. Too much fruit can be a sugar overload.
Breakfast tip: Crack 1 or 2 eggs into a muffin tin and add some veges and just a sprinkle of cheese for flavor and bake them. Then pop them out in the morning, warm them up and you are good to go.
C8H10N4O2...a.k.a. caffeine is not something you need. It really offers nothing to your health. If you are up for the challenge then this is a great way to get off it and get it out of your body. It really is a poison. You will have MORE energy without it.
RESULTS: Monday morning should be amazing for you. You will have more energy and more clarity. You will feel better all around with less cravings for sugars and breads. Don't be surprised if you have dropped several pounds.
All of this nutritional information and more is in my book located


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