Wow…really Hickory NC doctors, I am shocked.

Wow...really Hickory NC doctors, I am shocked.

Chiropractic Hickory NC Female Doctor

You know it is right and wrong and there is also a difference of opinion. But flat-out lies for financial gain are something that I am just never happy with. A politician will get donations from a group to help pass their agenda. As long as that politician agrees with the cause or new law, that is great. What happens when a person of power takes money simply for their own gain? A shocker I know.

When this happens in the healthcare world, it not only offends me, it outrages me to the 9th degree. We are not talking about the destruction of protected wetlands to put in a strip mall. We are talking just complete and utter lies in the face of a medical doctor who is supposed to, according to their creed, "FIRST DO NO HARM."

I have to tell you, that this world and specifically this country's health is going downhill fast. It is accelerating at an alarming rate. I don't know if it will slow down, continue on its current path or make a left turn. What I do know is that there are so many issues, that I think we have given up. Our soil is becoming more depleted of vital minerals. Our food is becoming more ( not less ) processed and many of us losing our ability and desire to even prepare a decent meal. Recently an Amish farmer was thrown in jail for selling fresh food and healthy milk. What is next? Forced medications and vaccines. ( probably - as it has started. )

So despite this "rant" of my observations, let me tell you that I currently have 5 medical doctors that ROUTINELY refer to me, a chiropractor in Hickory NC. They send me patients complaining of headaches, neck pain, back pain, wrist pain, auto accidents, work injuries, and disc problems. I have 1 neurologist who refers to chiropractors ( including me ) frequently.

This is not a post on how chiropractic can save the planet or of the few closed-minded Autobots that have failed to even consider examining a patient vs. giving them drugs and ordering unnecessary tests which they don't even look at the results. Well, maybe it is just that.

Trust me this is not an angry post, this is a post designed as most of mine are. To help YOU. Patients in the medical field tell me every day of the failures of medicine. Let me explain that there are some amazing things that the medical community does. How about the 10-year-old girl that got her new lungs? That is amazing. If you suffer a heart attack or a major health crisis, you better get life-saving medications and surgery. Those doctors are amazing. Even the non-crisis interventions of restoring quality of life. Life a new knee or hip. I find that awesome. (Sure I can debate that many hips and knees can be fixed without replacements.) Regardless, for the most part, that is a great life-altering ( for the better ) procedure.

The Opioid Crisis in Hickory NC

What I am talking about today, is the constant drugging of this country and frankly this community. I mean if you think a pill is the answer to solve your health problems, then selling ice to an Eskimo is also easy. A recent patient came in with severe spinal degeneration of the lower neck. His ( jackass ) of a medical doctor's "thorough" examination consisted of turning your head left and then right. His condescending remarks to his patient after he asked, is that it? His answer was, oh where did you get your training? Never even touched the patient.

It must be hard to touch the patient with a pen and prescription pad in your hand. Vicodin. Here ya go, sir. Not only does this doctor's partner refer to me, but this guy won't even see you IF you went somewhere else first.

The facts are that this doctor gets a percentage of the drugs he pushes. How many of you came to my office and I pushed a supplement on you? Never. Despite a supplement being a better option.

Just recently a young mom decided to bring her newborn in to get checked out. Fast forward 1 year later and this child has been overly medicated to the point where they removed tonsils and adenoids. The old adage is alive and well with the Hickory NC medical community. "WHEN IN DOUBT, CUT IT OUT!"

Tonsils, adenoids, and gallbladders. Hell, what else can we take out? Because the miracle drugs that we push did not work. So sad. Just remember you cannot UN-do surgery. Tell that to a patient who has a colostomy bag and a permanent limp from bad back surgery. ( Still has back pain. ) Tell a patient who had a "simple" back surgery at the age of 31, and now walks with a cane. ( Still has back pain. ) Tell a local attorney that I know personally, that surgery was the only option, and 3 months after surgery he has had multiple infections from the surgery and still has back pain. Talk to the numerous patients of mine who quit chiropractic care and were scared into neck surgery. All of them now have pins, plates, and screws. They all cannot turn their heads fully around their scars. Oh yeah, they all still have neck pain.

What on Earth has happened to HEALTH care? The wool over your eyes has been pulled and it needs to be removed. The force has a strong influence on the weak-minded. I mean talking with my friends who are medical doctors, the new protocol is to try this pill then that pill to see if that fixes you. That is how they diagnose. Being out of pain or symptoms has never, nor will it ever be, a judge of health.

My dad will be 72 years old this week. Walks every day. Still works. Eats lots of vegetables. He also takes ZERO medications. Try that. I had a 20-year-old as a new patient this week. On 5 medications. Now she may think she has the phantom disease of F-I-B-R-O-M-Y-A-L-G-I-A. Yes, it is a fictitious condition labeled a disease such as ADHD. Another way to sell more drugs. But it is all on her. Her choices in life have caused all of her issues.

Go back to this young baby, who lost a major part of her immune system. How will you fix all the extra colds ear infections and sore throats that will now occur? That is easy, MORE DRUGS. So the cycle repeats. My 3 kids have never had a medication. They don't eat cereal. They don't drink soda. They get chiropractic care. They also take very specific vitamins. My kids are all excelling in school. Why? Is it because my kids are so superior? The answer is NO. My kids are the baseline - the norm. Your kids just fall below that norm. That is the difference.

The bottom line is that most people in this world are SHEEP. They don't think, they don't rationalize, they just do what sheep do. Just follow the herd. The world has gone nuts. And you know what..this is a rant, but you know what...THE TRUTH sometimes HURTS.

Be well for today and tomorrow. Health comes from the inside. Not from toxic chemicals. If everyone would eat better, exercise, and get genuine chiropractic care, ( not a cold laser, one bone adjustments, therapy bull ) the health of everyone would improve...and bye-bye drug dealers. What a world that would be. People not screwing other people for profit. Wow, what a place to live. Oh geez, the alarm clock is going off, I was dreaming.

Time to go back to the circus known as sick care. U-S-A!

P.S. Not worthy of a proofing.


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