…but wait, there’s more in Hickory NC!

...but wait, there's more in Hickory NC!

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Continuing on from my last post about nutrition, I hope this helps activate a few neurons with many of you. I want to convey a few things to you about your health and well-being. It starts and ends with nutrition in Hickory NC. In 4 months, after we get through the holidays, many of you will aspire to make 2014 the best year ever with your health. The top 2 resolutions are to lose weight and stop smoking. Great goals.

2014 is 4 months away. How about you start now? Start a little today. Here's what happens with most people. They take their already hectic life schedule of work, school, kids, etc. and then they ADD exercise. They add this "thing" that was not there before and throw it in the mix. I have seen it for years. The gym gets so busy mid-January, peaks end of January, and starts to drop mid-February. By March back to normal.

What happens when you get sore, tired, and busy? The first thing you drop is the last thing you added and that is exercise. What I want you to fully understand is that you don't even have to add that element to your life. There is another path to take.

I don't want you to add exercise. I was sitting at my son's baseball game this weekend and listening to the middle-aged dads talking about how they need to get back to the gym. The gym is the magic cure-all for weight loss. Maybe the Gatorade, diet soda, and hot dogs have an effect and not the lack of gym time.

If there was any gym that when you started instead of showing you the equipment and how to use this machine or the treadmill, you were taught how to prepare and choose your foods, that would be the most successful gym as far as results. Spend the first month learning about foods and their effect on your body. Talk about the one supplement that you all NEED and the lack of this other thing that will stop you from making progress. ( hmm what are they? )

Take for instance a study I read over the weekend. They took 2 groups of women. They both ate the EXACT same amount of calories. AGAIN: THE SAME AMOUNT OF CALORIES. Yet one group lost 2.5 times MORE weight and over 4 inches more lost on their waist.

Beyond Cutting Calories in Hickory NC

So how can this be? I thought to lose weight, you just cut calories. (INSERT LOUD GAME SHOW WRONG ANSWER BUZZER HERE! ) Wrong. All these apps like My Fitness Pal, simply do not get science. Why would 2 groups with the exact same caloric intake not lose weight the same? If you understand how the body functions and regulates, then and only then will you NEVER count a calorie again. You can eat like a king and become healthier. You don't have to spend hours at the gym. Many gyms give people what they want. 100 treadmills and bikes in front of the TV's. They will be no closer to getting lean or healthy by doing that.

And that is why, I wrote my book. It is not a diet book, it is science-based. It is the same science I have raised my kids under. That is why they are all lean, have good muscle tone, and have never been to the doctor. You and I are not smarter than the human body. We are NOT! If you restrict calories, it will adapt. You can't build muscles from starvation. Remember, one body, one life. You are the owner of YOU, Inc. You are the CEO. Is your company profitable, breaking even, or ready to file bankruptcy?

You have to decide what is important to you. I will tell you this, nothing tastes as good as thin and fit feels. When you add chiropractic with proper nutrition and better nutritional timing, your health will soar!

Be well for today and tomorrow.


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