The Flu in Hickory NC …to shot or not to shot?

The Flu in Hickory shot or not to shot?

Chiropractic Hickory NC Sick Girl

I was going to have this wonderful article about how unnecessary and ineffective getting a flu shot in Hickory NC is. In fact, it harms you more than it protects you.

I am really surprised that people still feel that they can do whatever they want in their bodies without any negative effects or that just taking this pill or shot is going to solve everything.

Dr. Mercola of has a great article and videos about the best way to protect yourself from the flu. Shocking, prevention is not from a jab from the local WalMart or Walgreens. Here is the link for you. CLICK HERE AND HERE AND HERE.

If you can tell me something that is more important than your health, I am all ears. If my health suffers or I am in pain where I can't work, what would I do? Ask yourself the same question. Just don't ask your medical doctor, they have as much common sense as my gym shoes. Wait I actually LIKE my gym shoes.

I would love to be a medical doctor, just inject people or write prescriptions all day. I mean that is what you want anyway. A quick fix. It has been said in the chiropractic world, that if your spine is something that is visible you would spend more time taking care of it. I am not sure that is even true.

Health From the Inside Out in Hickory NC

Ask yourself if you want to look good or if you want to function and feel good. Health comes from the inside and expresses out. Not the other way around.

I talk a lot about my kids and their health and some patients get mad. Why? I love my children and want the best for them. This includes their health. I am not giving them cow's milk or soda. I am also not giving them antibiotics or any shots. It is a choice. My kids are almost never sick. My 6-year-old had a fever Sunday night. Very common for kids when they lose some teeth. Great. He was adjusted and went to bed. Was up the next day and went to school. No fever. His body took care of it. No Tylenol is needed. You don't lower the fever or run to the med-heads for an antibiotic for a cough or sniffle. The most powerful medications are from foods. We can choose to use them to help us or hurt us.

Always remember it is your health and future health. I see people at my office every day who put things off and trust me if they could go back in time they would. Health is a choice. If you can cut through the medical b.s. you have a good chance of living a long life with quality. Follow the medical model, and be like everyone else. The human body is designed to last over 100 years. Where will you be?

Be well for today and tomorrow.


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