No Gym Go Slim

There are 200 million overweight people in the U.S. and growing! 100 million classified as obese. Don't allow yourself to be a statistic. Many people will exercise and make the effort to lose weight, but sadly most of them will never reach their goals. With this simple and educational book, readers will learn that nutrition is the most vital component of a healthy body.

This is not a diet book or some passing fad: This is a blueprint for a lifestyle that provides you with the solutions to reverse the damage years of poor nutrition may have done to your body and health. It's the effect that certain foods have on us, not the calories.

Learn to avoid, prevent, and even reverse diabetes. No Gym Go Slim helps readers understand simple body functions while maximizing your performance. Nutrition is the most vital component to our health. This book relies on science, not science-fiction, to explain why we need to fuel our body versus feeding it. You will learn that a flat stomach is made in the kitchen, not the gym.

Designed as a lifestyle rather than some complex program: Written specifically for anyone who wants and needs to lose weight. This book was created by an experienced doctor who only wishes to educate and motivate readers into leading healthier lives. This book is educational and fun.

Inspired by his own weight loss frustrations: Dr. Sheppard created No Gym Go Slim after successfully navigating his own hurdles while helping patients lose weight and keep it off. At the urging of his patients, Dr. Sheppard has written down his knowledge in an effort to help anyone looking to lead a healthier life. Where will you be next month, next year or beyond? It's your health and future health.

Chiropractor Hickory NC Wellness Richard Sheppard

  • Cancer and heart disease are directly related to our nutritional choices.
  • Simple dietary changes can have a huge effect on your energy, sleep, and health.
  • And...this means less joint pain and less fibromyalgia pain!
  • Why walking or jogging will not make you thin or improve your long-term health outcomes.
  • Why your first meal of the day can make or break your overall health goals.
  • And...why intermittent fasting is a "great" thing to do!
  • When you do exercise, "maximize your return on the fat burn."
  • No more long boring cardio! Get in and get out!
  • Why calories in vs. calories out cannot work for long-term weight loss.
  • Your body will slow from restricted calories.
  • How your body can be re-set to burn fat. Flip that switch!
  • and so much more....


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