Chiropractic, The 3 W’s and the Grocery Store!

Chiropractic, The 3 W's and the Grocery Store!

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Which one should I mention first? The 3 W's are Wellness ( what's that? ), Walking and Water. Let's first talk about the grocery store. You know that place that we all go to. My list is the same each week. It says food and beverage. Simple enough. When you shop at the grocery store and you are looking to be healthy and healthier for today and tomorrow, then there is a simple rule to follow. Shop only on the outside of store. The outside is where the vegetables, fruits, eggs and lean protein are. When you start traveling up and down the isles, you will find that nature did not make that stuff, man did. So avoid the isles and you will not only save money but you will eat healthier. Of course there are some exceptions to the rule. ( NOT MANY ). Like milk and cheese. You should avoid all dairy. Dairy is loaded with sugar and is highly inflammatory. You are NOT getting calcium from milk or a Velveeta slice, no matter how many commercials you see. 
     When it comes to health. Water is ESSENTIAL. Most people are not getting enough water. Soda and Gatorade and anything else that is NOT water, does not count. Recently a patient told me that they were needing to see a cardiologist for an irregular heart beat. This is a young person. I do feel that it is a good idea to make sure that there is nothing more occurring. This is very similar to one of my son's coaches that is also having an irregular heart beat. After talking to both people, there are a few parallels. One, they are both heavy diet soda drinkers. Diet soda is loaded with nutrasweet or splenda. Artificial sweetners, especially nutrasweet ( now being renamed to AminoSweet ) can be a DIRECT cause of an irregular heartbeat. When I told my patient to drink ONLY water, I was told that I drink a ton of water with my Crystal Lite. Crystal Lite is loaded with nutrasweet. Again, water only, means water ONLY. The coloring in Coke and Pepsi is carcinogenic and now both companies need to change their formulas. But that does not mean drink Sprite. Just drink water. And remember this statement: "The body does not produce health when you contaminate it with filth." Health is an accumulation. Toxins do build up in the tissues. Eventually it will catch up with you. So much joint pain is self-induced. By simple avoidance of these toxins entering our bodies will produce such a profound positive affect on your health.
     Chiropractic and wellness. What does wellness mean? My business name is WellnessOne and not really Sheppard Chiropractic. The problem is so many people do not know truly what that means. Wellness is a journey, not a destination. You are not at wellness just because you have no pain. Pain and symptoms are the last thing to show up and the first to leave in a problem. Wellness, is exercising most of the time. Wellness is eating well most of the time. Wellness is doing something today, that will prolong your health. Wellness is something done today that will help you be younger and live a better quality of life. 
     Take Chiropractic. Chiropractic care is the best. Think about the human body and how it works. The brain is the computer and power source. The nerves that exit the spine control every muscle and organ. If you avoid chiropractic adjustments, sooner than later, your spine will get stuck and break down. When this happens you get nerve pressure. This is called a subluxation. You and your kids are subluxated if you have not been here this month. Spinal nerves control things like the heart, lungs, legs, colon, kidneys and eyes. Nerves also control blood flow and oxygen. Subluxation means you are NOT getting the full power supply. When you press your gas petal down, you expect your car to move. What if you pressed it and nothing? Let's say your lamp has a dimmer switch along with the off and on switch. Imagine that your dimmer was set at 50%. Every time you turned your lamp on, you were like gee I wish it was brighter in here. Then I come over and slide the dimmer to full and is so bright. That is what a chiropractic adjustment does. It turns your body to FULL POWER. When you get an adjustment this FEEDS your discs. There is no blood supply to a disc. They way the disc gets its food and oxygen is from the adjustment. This is why grandma shrinks as she gets older. The disc gets thin and then nerve pressure, then symptoms, then about 7-8 medications. Thank you Dr. M.D. My patients that stick with chiropractic care tell me that this the best they ever felt. EVER. A patient told me TODAY, who is 67 years old. He has been seeing me since I bought the office about 30 months ago. After he was out of pain, he stuck with routine chiropractic care. 2x per month since I took over. HE CANNOT REMEMBER FEELING THIS GOOD AND HAVING ENERGY AND NO PAIN. Too many people come in for 2-3 weeks and I never see them again. They simply quit. Either they felt better or it was taking too long to feel better. There is a BIG difference from no pain vs. fixed. Your body can heal and repair if YOU allow the process to occur. Too many people simply give up. Just like exercise. IT TAKES TIME. I always say, this summer and 2013 and 2014 are coming. Where will your health be? What will your weight be at? It is YOUR choice. It really is. Make a commitment to YOU for YOU. I used to be an athletic trainer back in the day. I can help ANYONE with losing weight. You will not find the answers at Planet Fitness. I sent several people over there and I asked them about their plan they put them on. No nutritional changes at all. NONE. The trainer is NOT a nutritionist and offers ZERO advice. Planet Fitness is great. The staff, GM and owner are GREAT! I am there every day. If you make no nutritional changes, then expect your efforts to take a really long time, if at all. You must make diet modifications. If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail. You must change the nutrition. In fact, you get to eat MORE to LOSE weight.
     Walking is something that we all do daily. We walk around our house, work and now just the outside of the grocery store. Unless you are very out of shape and walking is all that you can start with, fine. Otherwise walking will NOT get you in shape at all. It is too passive. Oh it is a good place to start. But walking alone is just not enough to burn fat and improve muscle tone. Exercise should produce a nice sweat. It should burn fat and stimulate growth hormone production. More on this next week. 
     Next week I am also going to talk about the Germ Theory. Too much stinkin' Purell and Lysol. You don't need to kill those evil bugs, cause you never will. In fact you are making it worse. Funny how I see so many patients and so many people at the gym and I am never sick? Hmm. I am exposed to lots of germs every day. So what's up with that? Find out next Thursday. Now watch me get sick and eat my words. Never!
P.S. Dont be the frog!