Are you in the game or out?

Are you in the game or out?

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I enjoy watching movies and in the movie Ocean's 11 with George Clooney, his character asks Matt Damon's character, " Are you in or out, right now? "... Now he is asking about a job whether he is going to do it or not. That question, I pose to you. Are you in or out in regards to the game of life? Are you in it to win it? Ask yourself where your health and future health are at and will be. Frankly, it does not matter where it is at now. What matters is you get in the game and play. Where you are now is DAY 1. You can become healthier. You can lose weight and you can actually save money by getting off many of your medications.
Last week I discussed weight loss and the following link is from a person that I never met, a person that I never talked to, but motivates me every time I read it. She is a young woman, that dedicated herself to changing her life for HERSELF through hard work, discipline and dedication. No magic pills, potions or lotions. No risky surgery. Just old fashioned hard work. Please take the time to review her story and pics

I enjoy reading a lot of articles and subscribe to a lot of health related journals and newsletters. This is a good one about food. This is from a guy in California that has excellent products. Take a look at his short article @

This will lead me to a few more comments in general. If you had to choose only one option for your health from the choices of nutrition, exercise, massage, medications or chiropractic. Which one do you think has the best chance for giving you a long living with a high amount of quality. The answer is nutrition.
Here are a few examples. First many people still don't realize that their nutritional choices can be causing them PAIN. Take a patient of mine that is having hip pain and low back pain. I can adjust and adjust and adjust but if you make NO changes nutritionally, the chiropractic care will take LONGER. Look at soda. Sodas (and this includes diet soda) will absolutely destroy your health. First regular soda's main ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. That will cause OBESITY, FAT STORAGE, DECREASED ENERGY, MORE CHANCES FOR A COLD, DEGENERATION and JOINT PAIN. Diet soda is loaded with artificial sweetners. Diet soda is actually WORSE than regular soda. Artificial sweetners like SPLENDA and NUTRASWEET are considered NUEROTOXINS. This means that it negatively affects the nervous system and is bad for you. Now the phosphoric acid that is in all sodas will disrupt the delicate balance of Magnesium and Calcium in the body that will cause deficiencies and pain. Diet soda is osteoporosis in a can. Avoid all sodas and sugary drinks and not only will you keep your bone mass, lose weight, be healthier, you will increase your energy and lower your joint pain and be less sick. Sugar feeds the bug.
Speaking of artificially doing things to the body. coffee anyone? Yes, the silly chiropractor who is against MILK is also going after coffee. Look I don't get it. I have never had coffee in my life. But let me explain to you why you think coffee is a boost, and in reality is probably not. First, the human body is much smarter than we are. It will continuously regulate itself. If you drink a lot of water, your body will lose a lot of water. If you are starving yourself, your body will slow way down to conserve its energy and even use muscle and bone as fuel. Caffeine ( C8,H10,N4,O2 ) is a stimulant that increases your heart rate - ARTIFICIALLY.  If I drank coffee, I would get an energy boost, initially. But 2 things here. If I continue to do it, my body would not need to give me energy as it would be waiting for my coffee and as a result my body would not need to do its job as much. Secondly, anything that you put in your body, caffeine or medications suffer from the law of diminishing returns. Eventually medications and caffeine, are not as effective.
The additional problem with coffee drinkers is that you typically drink coffee in the morning. In the evening, your body will actually go through withdrawal symptoms and this will disrupt your sleep. When you don't sleep well, you wake up groggy and tired. What do you do then? "I NEED MY COFFEE". The cycle continues. It is time to get off the merry-go-round.
For one week ( that's 7 days ) this is the game plan. Have no coffee, have no caffeine, have no milk, have no sodas. Drink only water for 1 week. Now some of you have already said NO WAY. YES WAY. You need to break the very viscous cycle. You need to get off the bench and say, " PUT ME IN COACH, I AM READY TO PLAY!"
Lastly, what kind of doctor should you see for chronic pain? According to latest MEDICAL study. Chiropractors.

Chiropractic care also improves oxidative stress and positively affects DNA. Chiropractors have always said that we are more than just neck and back pain. Regular chiropractic care is necessary for optimal health and function. Less colds and less sickness with chiropractic care. 3 million pounds of antibiotics are prescribed every year. 90% of those prescriptions are for viruses, yet antibiotics only work on bacteria. That is medical malpractice which occurs every day. Simply put, people want a pill, so they get one. Health is up to you. Get in the game! And the reference to the Ocean's 11 movie. George Clooney and myself have been mentioned in the same sentence. That Dr. Rich Sheppard, he's no George Clooney! LOL!

Next week, I will discuss what you all suffer from, the vertebral subluxation and why walking is not enough to slow down father time and offer prevention.

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